A home that has good curb appeal will not only be inviting and welcoming to visitors, but will also be very attractive to potential buyers. There are some simple and easy things you can do to immediately improve your home’s curb appeal. Keep in mind these are not the only ways you can enhance the beauty of your home, but they are a good starting point.

10 Easy Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

Here are 10 tips that can help improve curb appeal and enhance the beauty of your home. Remember, every house and neighborhood is different, so reach out to an expert if you need more guidance.

1. Clean doors, windows, and siding.

Pressure wash siding to remove algae buildup and clean stains from hard surfaces. Remember to clean front door and windows and consider applying a coat of paint to your front door. After spending some time cleaning and refreshing the exterior of your home, it will look brighter and more welcoming.

2. Add flower pots to your front entry.

If you don’t have flower beds close to your entryway, you can place a few decorative pots with flowering plants at your front entrance and around your garage. Remember to choose pots and flowers that will go well with your freshly painted doors!

3. Install new house numbers.

Are the numbers on the exterior of your home (or on the side of your curb) faded or missing? Consider purchasing new ones to instantly improve the curb appeal. As with flowers and fixtures, get numbers that match your home or that match the finish on your exterior lights.

4. Clean up planting beds.

If you have several planting beds that need tending to, consider getting help or working on one or two beds each day or as your schedule allows. Be sure to:

  • Remove dead, overgrown, or unsightly plants
  • Trim plants and bushes
  • Remove weeds
  • Edge and shape beds (to add definition) and apply fresh mulch (to help retain water)

Keep in mind that your garden beds can be treated with a pre-emergent to help prevent weeds from growing back.

5. Remove debris.

Do you have leaves and fallen tree branches in your yard? What about dead plants and trees or overgrown bushes? Be sure to remove leaves from your yard, trim dead branches, have dead trees removed, and to clear out excess brush.  Also, remove spider webs and animal droppings.


10 Easy Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

Clean up your garden beds, keep your pathways clear, and seal pavers to protect them and make them easier to clean.


6. Add colorful plants.

There are several annuals that can provide seasonal color to your gardens. Annuals tend to be inexpensive and typically last only for one season. Consider using pink annuals in the spring, yellow in summer, and red in the fall.  Or, use whatever colors you like!  When selecting a color, make sure it complements the exterior of your home.

7. Repair cracks.

Cracks in any hardscape surface, like your driveway, can be very unsightly. Sealing your pavers can enhance the color and make them easier to clean.

8. Maintain your lawn.

It’s important to keep your lawn well cared for. In addition to cutting and edging your yard, you should:

  • Spring:  Prevent and control weeds and feed your lawn.
  • Summer: Add grub control in early summer.
  • Fall: Aerate, seed, and fertilize your yard so that the following spring produces a fuller lawn.

9. Add lighting.

Lighting can add flair to your home and help illuminate your pathways and entryways. Think about installing LED low-voltage lighting to show off your home and surrounding landscape and select fixtures that complement your home.

10. Clean, paint, or replace your mailbox.

This is a very simple and easy fix that can be done over the course of a weekend. You can also add some plants around the base of the mailbox to liven it up a bit.

Before you begin working on improving your home’s curb appeal, do a bit of planning. Write down all the things you’d like to improve, figure out what you will work on first, and decide whether or not you’ll do everything yourself or hire someone to complete some things.

Most importantly, come up with a budget. This can help you determine what your priorities are.

What have you recently done to improve your home’s curb appeal?

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