Watering Guide for Plants

Colorful plants can brighten up your garden beds and landscapes. Of course, to keep your plants healthy — especially those that have been newly installed — you will need to use proper watering techniques and maintain your planting beds. Follow the tips below to get started.

1. Water in the morning

Watering in the morning gives your plants a chance to absorb the water before the heat from the sun evaporates it. Watering in the morning will also help any leaves that have gotten wet dry off and make it harder for disease and insects to take hold of your plants.

2. Don’t over water

Find the right balance when watering your plants so that they don’t get damaged. If too much water is applied, plants can get waterlogged and have a hard time fighting off disease and insect attacks. We recommend that you water the plants and then come back and water them again (1/2 time). Be sure that the soil is moist but not soggy or over saturated.

3. Pay attention to the weather

Unless there’s heavy rain (1”), you will still need to water the plants. Also, keep in mind that if there’s hot and dry weather (e.g., during summer months), your plants may require more watering.

4. Remove the nozzle from your hose

Some nozzles spray water at a fast rate and can damage plants, especially those that are newly planted. Instead, remove the nozzle and use your thumb to control the direction of the water. Be sure to adjust the water pressure (from the spigot) so that it’s not on full blast. Alternatively, you might want to consider using a soaker hose.

5. Apply water to the base of plants

Try to avoid getting plant leaves wet as watering the leaves can do more harm than good. Instead, move the leaves aside and apply water to the roots or base of your plants. We recommend adding mulch to your planting beds. You can also water the surrounding mulch as this will help retain moisture.

Watering time frames and frequency

Watering time frames*:

  • Groundcovers: 1 second of water per plant
  • Perennials (small): 3-5 seconds of water at the base of the plant
  • Shrubs (medium): 10-15 seconds of water at the base of the plant
  • Trees (6-10’): 20-30 seconds of water at the base of the plant

Watering frequency (depending on temperature and rain):

  • First two weeks (after installation): 1x-2x per day
  • Third week: Every other day
  • Fourth week and onward: 2x-3x per week

*Note: Though we don’t recommend using a nozzle on your hose, if you choose to use a nozzle, use the “shower” setting and double the watering time frames.